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The Real Reason Your Man Eats So Much Around You…

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DALLAS -- The dating game is hard, sometimes. Does he like me? Did I make the right impression? WelL,  don't worry ladies, science may have found a way for you to find out his true feelings.

There might be some truth to the saying, "A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach."

A study by Cornell University found the more a man likes a woman, the more he eats. They observed men on dates at a pizza joint. They found the men on dates eat 93% more pizza than those who were eating with other guys.

Science says it's a form of showing prowess to the opposite sex.

Girls, on the other hand, ate less and said they felt rushed when eating with a man.

Guess all you have to do to find out if he’s really into you is check the plate!

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