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Man’s Skull Fractured in 12th Oak Lawn Attack

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DALLAS -- It was almost midnight when Geoffrey Hubbard got off work at the Tap House Bar on Cedar Springs. He was walking to a friend's house just a few blocks away, but he didn't make it.

"It's just terrible to think something could happen to somebody. I mean a little kid maybe (he) weighs a hundred pounds sopping wet," said Ken Luthy, a customer at the bar.

A man hit him in the head and tried to rob him.

"I'm just glad he's okay and he was smart enough to roll under a car," said Michael Tijerina, long-time friend and bartender at Cedar Springs Tap House.

Yeah, he got under a nearby SUV where the attacker couldn't get to him. He spent the day in the hospital with a fractured skull.

"I've been texting him a little bit. He's not up to talking to a lot of people right now and he's needing some time to heal," Tijerina said.

Josh Lara, another friend who frequents Cedar Springs Tap House, has been keeping in touch, "Friend and I called him and he said he was fine. He's obviously very scared."

"It's really upsetting. I've never in my life felt uncomfortable in this neighborhood and since the beginning of September we've had like 12 attacks," Luthy said.

"Dallas police have been very good in terms of what they have done in the neighborhood," said Rafael McDonnell of the Resource Center. "But at the same time, these bad guys seem to be a step ahead of them."

Just Wednesday, people in the LGBT community met with Dallas police about the attacks. LGBT community leaders and the city are talking about increasing the reward for information about the attacks.

And McDonnell has a message for anyone who preys on people in the community, "You're going to get caught. You will slip up, and you will do the punishment."

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