Walkman Confusion: How Does This Thing Work?

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Ready to feel really old? Well, if you were born in the 80's or before, you know how cool it was to finally take your music with you.

Portable Walkmans made it on every kid's letter to Santa back in the day; it was the iPod of the 80s!

But with technology evolving at warp speed, kids today are really confused by the now obsolete contraption.

Lena Hyde found the ancient relic and some cassette tapes and asked her kids to make it work.

Her kids, who appear to be pre-teens, were a little confused and it took them several attempts to figure it out.

"I got it, I got it! Open it up!" exclaimed one of the brothers.

Hey, if you really want to blow your kids' minds, show them how we used to develop pictures.

Yeah, a life without Instagram, how did we ever survive?

Remember how it seemed to take forever to get your film developed? Then, one-hour processing was as close as we got to Insta-pics.

Not to mention, the clerk saw all your vacation photos -- so much for privacy.

Well, even though we'll never really figure out how to locate the iCloud, perhaps nothing beat saving your work on a floppy disk.

Ah, the good ole days!

Hyde’s son was finally able to put the cassette in the player.

"It has to go like this or like this. Yay! I did it," he screamed!

Okay, now that he's got it, wonder which oldie he's listening to?