Top Brands for Millennials Are…

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DALLAS -- Brand names can be pretty important, especially when it comes to what Millennials spend. So, somebody commissioned a study to find out which brands millennials love most.

Digital ad agency Moosylvania has ranked the top 100 brands among millennials.

Chipotle comes in at 56th while Texas-based Dr. Pepper ranked 50th. And even with all the recent controversy concerning their red cups, Starbucks only came in 16th.

Jumping straight to the Top 10, the competition for millennial affection gets fierce. In the 10th spot, proof that some things never change, Coca-Cola is the highest ranking soda brand on the list.

Followed by Walmart and Google at 9th and 8th, respectively. Amazon came in 7th, but it still wasn't ready for prime time as Target came in one notch better at 6.

Microsoft, Sony and Samsung made the top 5 at 5, 4, and 3.

Nike proves it just keeps doing it, grabbing number 2 on the list.

But the king of them all? None other than Apple. Millennials just can't live without their gadgets and Apple seems to have a special place in their emoji-using, selfie-taking hearts.

Now, we just need another study to figure out how the millennials are going to pay for all this stuff.