Texas Votes Red But Hillary Clinton Sees Green in Dallas

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DALLAS -- It's no secret that Texas is a red state with 57% of voters choosing Republican in the last presidential election. But when Hillary Clinton looks at Texas, she doesn't see red. She sees green.

That's why she came to North Texas Tuesday.

First stop: a breakfast fundraiser at the home of Paul Coggins and Regina Montoya. He's a former U.S. Attorney and she served in Bill Clinton's White House.

Hundreds of Hillary supporters turned out at Mountain View College Tuesday afternoon.

She took aim at Republicans in the Lone Star State.

"When your governor (then-Governor Rick Perry) turned away federal dollars that would have expanded Medicaid, he put ideology ahead of the well-being of the people and families in this state," she said. "Governor Abbott should be doing everything he can to bring health care to more people in this state."

Mrs. Clinton said her Republican rivals seemed like a reality show, except when it comes to economic issues -- referring specifically to Donald Trump's comments that wages are too high.

"These people are out of touch with actual reality," she said.

No doubt, Hillary doesn't actually think she might win Texas, but supporters here just might help her raise the money she needs to win the White House.