Oxford’s Word of the Year 2015… Isn’t Even a Word!

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NEW YORK — It’s that time of the year where the Oxford Dictionaries reveals its “Word of The Year. But for the first time ever, it isn’t actually a word.

It’s an Emoji — the “face of tears of joy,” to be exact.

According to Oxford, the emoticon was chosen because it “best reflects the ethos, mood, and preoccupations of 2015.”

There’s no question this particular emoji is everywhere on the Internet and probably in your text messages. A survey by Swift-Key even claims, this year alone, the   made up 17% of all emojis used in the US.

So, what words were runner-ups?

Well, “on fleek,” which means extremely stylish. And “lumbersexual” defined as a young urban man who “cultivates” the beard and check shirt.

Hmmm, now that words aren’t really words in Oxford’s book of words, we can only imagine what will come out on top in 2016!