Officers Leave Dallas PD for Greener Pastures in Fort Worth

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NORTH TEXAS -- The Fort Worth Police Department is adding to its ranks this week, and among their new recruits are six former Dallas officers.

It's pretty easy to look at Big D as the big brother of the Metroplex but so far in 2015, 19 Dallas cops have left DPD behind to hang out in Funkytown.  And Ron Pinkston of the Dallas Police Association says it's not just Fort Worth that's poaching Dallas' finest.

"We're losing our officers to every city in the Metroplex," Pinkston told NewsFix.  "We're not getting anybody's officers. We're training them, and we're losing the good ones to the other cities."

Pinkston says two things are causing this attrition:  "Pay and benefits are one, but one that comes up bigger is: the Dallas Police Department's broken, and they don't like how it's run."

Management is the association's chief concern; namely, Police Chief David Brown.

Pinkston asked at a press conference back in September: "Is the chief gonna change, and start serving the citizens, and give them the product they deserve?"

The conference was held to call for change at the top of the department, around the time a DPA survey claimed 75% of officers wouldn't recommend Dallas PD to new cops.  Mayor Mike Rawlings backed Brown, tweeting that Brown is "One of the best police chiefs in the country."

But hey, Fort Worth just got a new chief back in September, and apparently FWPD is looking pretty attractive to cops these days. Of course, their department is also half the size of Dallas' and yeah, the pay is better there.  Much better.

Whatever it is that's got cops headed west, Dallas might wanna figure it out -- before we have to change DFW to FWD.