Dallas Company Indicted in Diet Supplement Investigation

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DALLAS--When we're trying to get in shape, we'll do almost anything that might give us a little edge, whether it's drinking special drinks or swallowing a handful of pills.

That's why there's a whole industry committed to making supplements.

Now the feds are going after a Dallas-based company that makes supplements, USPLabs, and six people connected to the company.

They make popular products like "Jack3d" and "Oxy-Elite Pro."

The indictment says the company made a lot of claims, like that certain products were made from natural plant extracts.

"In truth, as one defendant put it, 'LOL. Stuff is completely 100% synthetic,'" Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Mizer said during a news conference in Washington.

The feds say that made it easier to convince stores to sell their products and helped convince consumers it was safe to buy them.

"The deception put lives at risk." Mizer said.

Yeah, the feds say there was an outbreak of liver injuries related to one of the products.

We called USPLabs to ask for their side of the story.

So far they haven't called us back.

We might have to wait 'til the case gets to court to hear from them.