Unhappy? Maybe You Should Layoff Facebook, So Says One Study

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MENLO PARK, CA -- C’mon, admit it – it’s your guilty little pleasure; your end-of-the-day release from your mental monotony.

Hey, now – we’re talking about Facebook! Yeah, we know it’s hard to resist the urge to tap and scroll.

But, did you know Facebook could actually hinder your happiness? That’s the word from a new study by the Happiness Research Institute.

Yes – there’s such a thing. Well, the happy experts surveyed just under two-thousand people in Denmark, with an average age of 33. The researchers split the group in half. For a whole week, one group continued using FB as usual; the others went cold turkey.

The result?

A whopping 88-percent of those who stayed off the social media site said they were happy; compared to just 81-percent who indulged in their daily dose of Facebook.

What’s more, the study found 84-percent of non-users said they appreciated their lives; only 75-percent of the continued users felt the same.

Surprising? Probably not.

Hey, who hasn’t been on Façadebook and felt a tinge of jealousy, stress or even envy? Well, you’re not alone.

In fact, daveramsey.com lists the Six Stages of Facebook Envy. He says it starts with reading a status update; the update leads to comparison; comparison leads to inadequacy; inadequacy leads to the dark side.

Okay, not really, but somewhat...in a nutshell.

Bottom line, friends – Facebook is fine for a reconnecting and communicating, but try not to let someone’s post make you go postal.