Coach Garrett Discusses Dez-Ruptive Rant

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DALLAS -- Dez Bryant’s outburst Thursday isn't exactly what the Cowboys needed as they head into Week 10's road trip against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Dez threw up his "X"-pletives after he said a reporter called wide receiver Devin Street the n-word. Number 88 would later tweet this explanation, saying he chose to stand up for what he represents and "apologized" if peeps can’t handle direct talk.

“Dez shouldn’t be in that situation. If Someone is going to incite him, just remove yourself from that situation," Coach Jason Garrett said.

Dez, meanwhile, kept tight-lipped after practice.

Garrett said he tackled the locker room meltdown when it unfolded, “We addressed it very directly with Dez in that environment. We handled it with Dez and handled it with our football team and we’ve moved forward.”

Hmmm.... haven’t we heard a similar statement before? Flashback to this past Wednesday when Coach Garrett addressed Greg Hardy’s twitter tirade, “I think the biggest thing we try to do with any player is address things when they come up, address them in-house. We deal with things inside these walls, and then we move forward”

Wow. What's going on in Valley Ranch? You can’t help but wonder if a lousy losing streak is adding to team tension.

Well, here's one thing we hope Garrett addresses: finding a way to pull out a win this Sunday in Tampa.