Chew on This: Victor’s Restaurant and Bar

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CARROLLTON -- Comfort food is known as a southern staple, but there aren't too many places to find it in Carrollton. That is until Victor's Restaurant and Bar opened up in May.

This eatery was looking to be the change the community needed.

"He does everything for the neighborhood friendly,” restaurant manager Kristy Martin said. “He does the menu items, he takes the feedback, he makes changes."

Victor , who's camera-shy, does all of this to make sure folks don't have to go too far -- or pay too much -- for food like this. You got starter options like chili garlic spiked shrimp, bacon jalapeno mac and cheese, and fried green tomatoes.

And it gets even better when you get to entrees like shrimp and grits and chicken fried chicken.

"We had a customer order country fried steak, and we didn't have it that evening,” Martin said. "And he suggested doing a chicken fried chicken, with a chicken breast. So, Victor at that time, was like, 'Okay let's try it.' And it's become a huge hit here."

Chew on This -- one of the neighborhood favorites at Victor's is the “Oh My Cod” served with crispy fries and a lemon aioli. And it doesn't stop there. Blueberry cheesecake or Nutella crepes, anyone?

Now, Victor's goes far beyond feeding the community. They also give back by hosting large parties for area organizations and donating 10% from the event's earnings.

Not to mention on Wednesdays, kids eat free... and Thursdays is ladies night!

Good food like this, mixed with southern hospitality, gives a different meaning to the phrase too close for comfort.