Be Kind: It’s Friday the 13th & World Kindness Day

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NORTH TEXAS – While a lot of superstitious folks are worried about Friday the 13th's date, what a lot of people don't know is... it's also World Kindness Day.

"World Kindness Day is a day that is on the calendar, obviously, across the world to promote kindness,” author Chris Phelps said.

And one North Texas mom thought it would be a good thing to promote this in a book, so she created Tacky Box, children's books that push kindness and put down tacky language.

"Our goal for creating Tacky Box was to create systemic change in the way people treat on another,” Phelps said. "We don't like what we see and so, we want to do something about it."

And in a world that can sometimes be cruel, what does kindness mean to these kids?

"It means to say hello, here you go. Or sharing."

"You can’t say bad things to other people."

"They asked for a crayon and I gave it to them."

"To me it means to be super good."

Hey, take that Friday the 13th, it looks like World Kindness Day trumps all.