A New Buc-ee’s Could be Heading to Denton

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DENTON — Some people are bucking the idea of a new Buc-ee’s.  Word has it that the super mega gas station could be coming to Denton this time.

If the city wants the big lighted beaver, Buc-ee’s new home will be off Interstate 35.

“I love Buc-ee’s, personally, it’s great. It’s like an 8th wonder of the wold type of thing.  So, I think it’s a good idea.  It’s a great business,” Roman Villarreal said.

Terrell got a brand new Buc-ee’s earlier this year, but folks in Corinth weren’t so happy when the prospect came to their city.  Last year, some residents told NewsFix the bright lights and the extra traffic is just more than they’ve bargained for.

“I think that it would help with the additional traffic,” Leikney Easterling said.  “Just having gas pumps for people to get off of 35 to go to, rather than have several different smaller gas stations around.”

“We actually come from the Freeport/Lake Jackson area, and that is actually where Buc-ee’s’ founding company is.  I feel like it would be an asset and an addition to the Denton area. It brings in a lot of different people. I’ve seen it grow and expand. I’ve seen it move further from east Texas, so having one up north, it’d be kind of like having a piece of home, so it would be nice.”

In the meantime, residents launched an anti-Buc-ee’s campaign, telling the beaver he needs to chomp on someone else’s turf.

“I mean, it will cause more traffic, but Buc-ee’s is also really awesome, so I’m down with it,” Mitchell Clarke said.