Take That, Starbucks! Dunkin’ Donuts Releases Holiday-Themed Cups

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CANTON, MA - Oh, how we long for the simpler days of the red cup when it was just an accessory to a day or night you'd soon be unable to remember, But then, the coffee business got involved and complicated things.

You can't go anywhere without hearing or seeing Starbucks fueled outrage about the plain red cups that were stripped of any traditional Christmas holiday images.

Well, competitor Dunkin’ Donuts has come to the rescue of the caffeine-loving but holiday deprived. Their cups wish us “Joy” surrounded by festive holiday decorations. Dunkin’ Donuts insists the cups weren't rolled out in response to Starbucks and are just part of their normal holiday tradition.

But some customers have gotten creative with the blank palate provided on the Starbucks cups to create their own decorations -- artistry that supports gay rights to drawings advocating #BlackLivesMatter.

Either way, it appears java lovers with Christmas spirit can now spread the “Joy."

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