Simon Says: Once OK, Now It Stinks! What’s the Next Whale?

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DALLAS -- They are doing away with the killer whale show at SeaWorld in San Diego.  You could say the documentary Blackfish was killer when it came to how you felt about this place.

It’s amazing how time can make something once considered okay look repulsive. Whale shows now have something in common with this:

That was a big hit. Now, you’d hit someone dressed like that.

Yeah, watching whale shows gives you the same feeling as looking at old ads for Coppertone -- half-naked kids is good for business?

Or these spots for cigarettes.

'What cigarette do you smoke doctor?'

Once acceptable, is now this unacceptable?

So, what are the next "whales?" You get a sense it could be team mascots, fast food, or hip hop lyrics.

My biggest hope is that whales soon have something in common with high school. Maybe that’s why projects like this have started. Millions of dollars to ANYONE who can reinvent 9th through 12th grade.

"Are you with me America –let's rethink high school."

Because 74% of high school graduates are not ready for college!  And for years, we’ve been okay with that!

But attitudes need to change -- quickly -- anyone who says otherwise is feeding you a bunch of blubber!

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