‘Report it Right!’ Watch Dez Bryant Flip Out on Reporters

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DALLAS -- The Cowboys may finally be feeling the weight of their tough season, and the scrutiny of the media. Dez Bryant went off on a rant against reports -- angry for what he sees as "media disrespect" against him and his team.

The outburst interrupted Jason Witten's weekly interview.

"Report it right," Dez screamed, among other things.

Dez later tweeted out what made him snap, saying  there was more to the story. But so far, nobody has confirmed his accusations.

dez tweet1


The dog piling on Dallas has transcended sports, too.

While fans were enjoying the Mavs revenge over DeAndre Jordan, ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy fired a shot of his own. He said it was ridiculous for fans to boo DeAndre who jilted the Mavs this summer but cheer Greg Hardy who just got hit with graphic pics of his ex-girlfriend covered in bruises.

Hey, you can decide for yourself if that's comparing apples and oranges.

Well, if the Boys can finally find a way to get a win this Sunday in Tampa, that might go a long way to getting the laser sights off this team and bring some peace back to the locker room.

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