Streets Next to AAC in Victory Park to Switch Directions

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VICTORY PARK -- Hey friends, if you’re planning to head down to the American Airlines Center in Victory Park next week, then you better break for big changes.

That’s right – starting next Thursday, North Houston Street and Victory Ave. will both turn from one-way to two-way streets. You heard right; that’s a big detour from what you’re already used to driving.

"Game days are already hectic enough, with the Stars and the Mavs being here," Greg Housewright told NewFix. "So, it’ll be interesting. I don’t think I’ll have a problem with it, but it could certainly pose one.”

Hey, Greg has a point; remember the scene when the king of country, Garth Brooks sold out a double header at AAC? It was traffic for days back on those September nights.

Well, the switch is all apart of an effort to revitalize the VP and transform vacant park into vibrant park. Plans were set into motion back in 2013. The area is now home to several new shops, eateries and even two new highrise complexes.

Now, the lane change is moving forward, and it's welcomed news for those who work in Victory Park.

"It should be easier for people to get around and not get confused," Jodi James said. She works at the Chad Rookstool Salon. "We’ve had clients get lost with all the one-ways, so it’ll be nice, I think bring it both ways.”

So, just remember – the next time you’re cruising the streets, make sure you’re going the right way.

"It might take a minute for people to get used to it for people," James noted. "I really don’t know, hopefully the flow will be better.”

"There’s so many one-way streets in Dallas, people are kind of accustomed to them, so I think a two-way traffic might be better,” Housewright added.

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