In ‘Grape’ Shape: FitVine Wine is the Latest Fitness Crush

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NEWPORT, RI -- These days, it seems working out and booze go hand in hand. Yeah, first it was Nutri-beer, now there's a wine that'll help you stay fit. Introducing FitVine wine.

The Rhode Island-based company that's dishing out chardonnay and cabernet Sauvignon says its bio-hacked wine has no residual sugar and less carbs and calories than the wine you're probably used to sipping. It's something the creators call clean drinking.

FitVine's secret to making their vino fit for fitness enthusiasts? Extending their fermentation process 10-15 days to enhance antioxidants. Their motto? "We crush grapes, you crush life.” Who wouldn't raise a glass to that?

Now just to clear things up, the folks at FitWine say this isn't something you sip while squatting or working out. And like any wine, too much can be a bad thing.

But seriously, who would have thought that vino could get you in grape shape?

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