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Uber Eats: Uber Rolls Out Food Delivery Service in Dallas

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DALLAS – These days, food is on full blast. From television to the Internet. Well, let's face it, it's mainly the Internet. C'mon, how many times do you get on social media and scroll past pics of food, especially healthy food?

And while most of us think the people posting these uber healthy blogs and Instagrams are in the clear when it comes to their diet, that's not always the case.

Insert Orthorexia, the clean eating disorder. Yeah, think of it as a form of OCD.

The National Eating Disorder Association describes it as an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy. How's that for an oxymoron?

Hey, if you need any help taking a chill-pill on overly healthy snacks, some local restaurants are dishing out some savory eats, courtesy of Uber. The driving service just launched Uber Eats in Dallas, letting folks looking for a bite -- but not looking to leave -- to get lunch delivered curbside.

Restaurants like The Rustic are teaming up with Uber with lunches ranging from $8-$12. And right now, they're waiving the delivery fee!

You can order by opening your Uber app, clicking on the β€œeats” icon, and voila! Expect your order to arrive in 10 minutes.

Just remember, Uber Eats only operates from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. And right now, the only areas participating are Downtown Dallas, Oak Lawn, and Uptown.

So, enjoy your eats folks! Just try not to obsess over 'em.

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