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Native Change: Adidas Offers Deal to High School Teams

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PORTLAND -- There aren't too many things that cause a divide like the subject of Native American mascots. Some people view it as a sign of pride while others view it as blatant disrespect.

Now in steps Adidas. The apparel company is now spearheading a campaign to rid schools of Native American mascots.

Adidas announced Thursday that it supports name changes for high schools that use Native American symbols. Not only that, but Adidas says it'll help any high school willing to change by designing new team uniforms and are also offering to help offset the financial costs of the new gear.

It's a surprising move by a company that sponsors Robert Griffin III, a player on the Washington Redskins. Dan Snyder, the owner of the team, has vowed to never change the controversial name of the franchise.

But for high schools that do have a change of heart, the path is now set for a new type of school spirit.

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