Dallas Passenger Kicked Off Spirit Flight Lawyers Up, Speaks Out

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DALLAS -- Spirit Airlines hit some turbulence this week -- before the flight even took off.

"I don't even wanna fly with your airline," Alexandria Wright said on Thursday. "I've been discriminated against and humiliated."

On Monday, Wright was a Spirit passenger. Or at least, she had a ticket on a flight from LAX to DFW and had boarded the plane. But she was one of several passengers escorted off by LAPD officers.  And now, she's lawyered up and says she may sue Spirit for discrimination.

The airline said in a statement to NewsFix:

"Two customers were upset and became uncooperative, to the point that law enforcement was called to remove them from the aircraft.  Reacting to their removal, other customers became disruptive, and they too were removed."

Cellphone videos shot by passengers don't seem to show anyone being unruly, though. And Wright says, "There was no yelling. We were just trying to figure out what was going on."

She says all the passengers were guilty of was -- "flying while black."

"It just so happens that everybody that got singled out and everybody that got kicked off that flight were African-American," she said.

"We're going to investigate as to whether or not this was racially motivated," her attorney, Scott Palmer, said. "If we can't resolve this situation, then litigation is certainly an option and we'll definitely do it."

Spirit said in their statement that the airline "does not tolerate discrimination of any kind," and that they offered overnight accommodations, as well as refunds or re-booking to all the affected passengers.

"I want from Spirit Airlines an apology, number one," Wright said.

But even if she gets one, this frequent flier says she won't be paying the "bare fare" again.

"Definitely not," she said when asked if she'd fly Spirit again.  "Never. I'd rather just pay more for a flight."

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