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Woman Saves Dogs Dumped in Dallas

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DALLAS — Dallas Marshals are cracking down on illegal dumping. Now, newly installed cameras are catching these culprits in the act.

Did you know that if you toss something over five pounds, it can cost you thousands of dollars and even time in jail?

“It goes throughout the whole City of Dallas. 99% of that dumping is commercial dumping," explained Det. Weldon Paul with the Dallas Marshal’s Office, Environmental Crimes Unit. "Most of our chronic areas are in the southern areas of Dallas. Anything from tires, anything from household debris, household trash, dead animals.”

Some of those animals are still living when they’re tossed on the side of the road.

“I was just driving by and I saw four pups in the rain huddled up, and they were at death’s door," Ute Sander said. "And I couldn’t believe that all these dogs were here.  I find that a lot of 501(c) rescues are not really stepping in and helping.”

Sander found 11 dogs that day. Some are now up for adoption. She’s relieved that the marshals are putting out the cams, “This is some serious stuff, and it makes me feel very, very good."

Officials say if you see dumping in progress to call 911.  E-mail Ute Sander at for more info on how to adopt the animals found.

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