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Teen Shark Tank: Local Kids Compete in ‘Social Innovation’ Challenge

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FRISCO -- Dozens of junior high and high school students gathered in Frisco Wednesday for a competition in "Social Innovation."

Doug Scott, an executive with SAP Software & Solutions, which sponsored the event, explained that the students' goal: "Developing and pitching projects to improve health and wellness in their schools and communities."

To that end, it was a long day of product development.

"We created a stand-up desk," said 8th grader Jackson Young.  Jackson and his teammate Sahil Mane demonstrated their design's features on a prototype made from LEGO and other craft supplies.

"We wanted to create a WiFi-based program where it blocks all social media, so our teachers won't be worried that we're not learning," 8th grader Meaghan Redding explained.

"A lot of students don't know how their choices can make an impact on their life and their health," said 11th grader Mallory Reed.  She said her team's goal was to "Develop a Snapchat story - each day is just giving facts about each category of your health."

"We have the facts and info from different pamphlets and everything, so I think we can do this really well," said Sahil.

Then it was time to pitch their products to the judges -- like a teenage version of Shark Tank.

When all was said and done, Jackson and Sahil won second place!  They were among ten teams to take home $1,000 each for their schools. And they'll get to go with the first place winner -- Lamia from Liberty High -- to compete at the national level.

If you ask us, all of these student innovators are winners.

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