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Dog Lost in San Marcos Floods Found 2,000 Miles Away

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SAN MARCOS -- A dog lost during the Memorial Day floods in San Marcos turned up more than 2,000 miles away in California.

Eddie Hurtado says his family was forced to evacuate in a hurry as the Blanco River raged close to their home.

There was no time to gather up the dogs and they disappeared in the storms. Two were found rather quickly, but Eddie thought 16-month-old Thor was gone for good.

That is, until an animal shelter in California saw Thor jump off the back of a truck.

The dog was micro-chipped, so they called Eddie in Texas.

"Ever since my grandson found out that he was out there, he says that's what he wants for Christmas. He wants to get his baby back," Eddie said.

Eddie and his family did not have the money to bring Thor back to Texas but, thankfully, a truck driver volunteered to bring him home. Thor was reportedly reunited with his family Tuesday night.

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