Models Sue Dallas Strip Clubs for Using Photos Without Permission

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DALLAS -- You see them everywhere -- ads for so-called gentlemen's clubs featuring photos of beautiful women. But attorney Dennis Postiglione says that all too often, those photos don't belong to the clubs they're advertising.

And he's representing 11 current and former models who are suing the owners of two clubs in Dallas for illegal usage of their images.

"They don't have our clients' permission to use the images," Postiglione said of the clubs. "And not only that, but the way that they're using them implies either that they endorse the club, they brand the club, or they actually work at the club as a stripper."

And that, he says, just isn't the case.

"Some of them are Playboy models, some of them are FHM, Vogue, I mean any magazine you can imagine," said the attorney. "Some of these girls don't model anymore. They're moms and they're businesswomen and they've moved on with their lives, but as long as my picture's up on a strip club billboard, it's hard for me to be credible."

Postiglione says Texans have the right to control how photos of them are used, even an ice cream shop can't legally use someone's photo without permission. But he says it's even less gentlemanly when these clubs do it.

"These are not stock images," he told NewsFix.  "The images of the girls are basically taken from anywhere they can find them, and they're put into their advertising and promotional material. Anybody who sees that -- friends, family, or anybody -- the implication is that the girls are working there."

The club owners' lawyer hasn't returned NewsFix's calls, but Postiglione says his clients want one thing first and foremost, "Get the images down and stop using them."

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