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Decision Day: Amendments Don’t Get Attention, But They Affect Our Lives

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TEXAS--Okay, it's *not* the big election day we're all waiting for, when we can stop hearing the Presidential Candidates trying to give the best sound bites while being as vague as possible.

"The establishment has let us down," Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump said in a campaign stop on Tuesday.

"I'm not gonna be on the cover of GQ," Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders confessed on Saturday.

Tuesday's constitutional amendment election in Texas isn't very exciting, but the issues hit close to home.

"If you see something that you don't like that's being operated in government, you've got a chance and today's your chance to change it," Bruce Vincent said.

Yep. Like changing how much we spend on roads.

Or how much we pay in property taxes.

And, Dallas voters are deciding whether to spend $1.6 billion to build new schools and fix facilities that are falling apart.

Some people have noble reasons for voting.

"Maybe setting a precedent for my friends to get involved," Cat Hanby said. "A lot of them don't come out and vote."

Hey, once we get through this election, we only have 371 days of the Presidential campaign to get through!

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