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Creators of Poo-Pourri Talk New Commercial

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ADDISON—Poo-pourri is at it again! NewsFix caught up with the folks at Poo-pourri over a year ago, and since then, business has well -- exploded!

“We’ve doubled sales and so we’re on point. It’s just taken off far better than we ever could’ve expected,” Will Clarke, VP Marketing said.

It’s the smell good you put in the pot to rid the poo smell.  Tuesday, the company plopped out a new video, and it’s gotten over a million views just in two days. It’s coming from the same director who directed award-winning Uptown Funk.  That video has over a billion views on youtube.

“The inspiration was really just this initial idea that bubbled up inside of me, let’s just write a song and make a music video, which seems kind of crazy. Most of the lyrics came from Nicole Story, our VP of creative. We were in Maui writing, and I came downstairs one day and said, we can go anywhere now, just imagine, just anything’s possible.  That’s what’s happening with poo-pourri, and that became the chorus that she wrote,” Poo Executive Officer Suzy Batiz said.

“I just wrote everything that came to my mind. We really had the bare bones built there of what every verse really touches on when it comes to the embarrassing places to poop and really just addressing those head on with humor,” VP of Creative, Nicole Story said.

How did the team think that people would react to some of the uh..potty language?

“There were definitely some that ride that line. We love to use comedy to break the ice,” she added.

“I don’t think people should have the insecurities they have about poop,” Batiz mentioned.  “You have to channel your inner 9-year-old self, and everybody loves poo jokes. They may not act like it, but behind the scenes, they’re all back there giggling,” she smiled.

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