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Space Talk: Ft. Worth Kids Get Long Distance Call of a Lifetime

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FORT WORTH -- On Thursday, students at Daggett Montessori School in Ft. Worth had a lesson that was truly out of this world. For a small window of time, they were allowed to talk with a few astronauts as they were circling earth.

Students had to audition their questions. The top 20 were selected to be asked using a Ham radio. The only catch? The kids only had nine minutes to get all the questions in. That equals about 27 seconds for each question and answer.

So, as you can imagine, this exciting moment came with quite a sense of urgency.

The first question came from 5th grader Aven Istam, “How did you feel when you first looked back at Earth?”

NASA Astronaut Kjell Lindgren answered, “That's a very special experience. The first time I got to look back at the Earth from space. Something that I dreamed about for a long time.”

Questions ranged from culinary based to emotional, “When you miss your family, what do you do to feel comforted?”

Unfortunately, they weren't able to make it through all 20 questions, but these kids came away with an experience they won't soon forget -- the long distance call of a lifetime.

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