Scary Movies On Netflix For Halloween

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We all know about Netflix and chill – but this Halloween, if you find yourself at home and are looking for some scares rather than...chill...then here are some scary movies you can watch – right now – on Netflix.

First, we'll start with some classic horror hits like Rosemary's Baby.  This creepy psychological thriller about a woman who is pregnant with what could possibly be the child of the devil.  But if you're wanting something with a little more gore, you can't go wrong with the original Hellraiser. There are a bunch of them on Netflix, but stick to the first one...or the second.  It's good, too.

If you're wanting a little more humor in your horror, you can always watch the Tim Burton version of Sleepy Hollow starring, of course, Johnny Depp.  Also, check out Re-Animator, a Frankenstein-like tale about a medical student re-animating dead bodies.

And if you want a smart AND funny take on horror, check out Tucker and Dale vs Evil, a movie about a group of teens in a cabin deep in the backwoods who get killed off one-by-one by two hillbillies...except, that's not really the way it happens. This movie actually tells the story from the supposed murderer's point of view.

If you're wanting something safe to watch with the kids, there are a BUNCH to choose from like the big-screen adaption of The Addams Family. This creepy and kooky flick has just enough weird in it to satisfy adults and kids, alike. And if you want to go real old school with it, show your kids Monster Squad – it's like The Goonies meets the classic Universal monsters.

But if you've seen all these movies and want something new and scary – check out a movie like The Babadook, an Australian film about a single mother and a creepy book foretelling the death of her and her child, this movie is scary. Watch it.

Also, check out the documentary about sleep paralysis, The Nightmare. Even though it's a documentary, it looks and feels like the scariest horror movie you've ever seen.

And there you go – a few horror movies to choose from this Halloween to keep your night filled to the brim with fright.

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