Offensive Halloween Costumes You Should Avoid

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Ok, if you’re still scrambling to get a Halloween costume this year, just be sure you avoid some of the more shady ideas out there.  Thing is, a lot of things are funny to a few people, that send others over the edge, and could possibly cost people their jobs.

If you don’t read anything else, read this!  Don’t Do Blackface!

Racial tensions have been higher in the past few years, and while plenty of people never intend to make it a racial thing, if you change the color of your skin for a costume, you’re going to offend  a lot of people.

Last year we had Ray Rice costumes, which was wrong on multiple levels, and the year before we had Julianne Hough getting flack for her costume from "Orange is the New Black", and now we got this elementary teacher in Alabama, dressed up as Kanye, who may loose his job.

Also, try to shy away from cultural things too.  Walmart got into a lot of heat, and just discontinued the sale of the child’s "Israeli soldier" costume, and "Sheik/Fagin nose".

Oh, and it may not be a good ideas to go as something, or some group that’s associated with death.  I’m not talking grim reapers and zombies, but get ready from stares and comments if you try to go as the “Lion Killer Dentist”, or even “Sexy Cecil the Lion”, and you need to know what you’re getting into when you do any kind of “ISIS” costume.

And, finally, dudes in dresses isn’t anything new, but if you’re going as Caitlyn Jenner, you run the risk of insulting someone’s identity, sexuality, and how they feel about basic human rights.

It can all be in good fun, but just know the risk you’re taking.  Even if somebody gets the joke, they may not always appreciate it.

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