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Immigration Protesters Take on Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez

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DALLAS --Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez is getting pulled in both directions when it comes to immigrants in the city.

It all started when Valdez challenged a policy set by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- also known as ICE.

The policy is called the Immigration Hold, and here's how it works: When a suspected illegal immigrant is detained for any crime, ICE can request the county hold them for an additional 48 hours so they can transfer the person into their custody for possible deportation.

Critics call it unconstitutional.

That's why Valdez came up with a new policy to decline holding minor offenders for ICE on a case to case basis.

Governor Greg Abbott blasted the sheriff for the policy this week and demanded she fully honor ICE's requests.

Immigration advocates, on the other hand, say Valdez didn't go far enough and they have even filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.

The Sheriff's Office says no ICE requests for immigration detainers have been rejected this year.

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