Halloween Contact Lenses: The Scary Hidden Dangers

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PLANO -- If you're looking for any kind of eye effect for your Halloween costume this year, beware! While some stores like Spirit Halloween require a valid prescription to purchase their crazy contacts online, optometrists warn against contacts that aren’t FDA approved.

“I do have patients that wear color lenses from a gas station that had to come again because of infection,” Dr. Albert Pang, O.D. at Trinity Eye Care in Plano said.  “You may have used the lenses for a couple hours. Unfortunately, the pain or discomfort can linger for a couple weeks because of the cornea abrasion.”

Now that’s scary.

“Make sure the lens fits on properly and you can see well because you can imagine, if you have color lenses that’s off center, the color will block your line of sight.  So, yeah, you may look cool, but you cannot see also,” he added.

And that's not all.

“The number one fear that I have -- the solution they store it in might not be safe. A lot of times, dye that they put in might not have the standards that we have with the FDA,” Dr. Pang explained.  “If the color that they put in is not compatible with the human eye, when they leak or they fade in the eye, it could cause severe allergic problems. The eye will swell up and [there will be] itching and burning.   The material they use, we do not know whether or not the plastic that they use is compatible.

“That just seems too risky to me.  Your eyes are so important,” a customer told NewsFix.

“I can definitely see where that would be an issue.  That’s why I kind of don’t want to bother with them.  But they’re fun, though.  If I see someone with them, they’re cool. They’re festive,” Juilen Martinez said.

You can always head to the optometrist if you see "fright sight" in your future.

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