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Fright Bite: 5 Foods with More Hidden Sugar than Halloween Candy

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DALLAS -- It's that time of the year, costumes are in full rotation and the candy is on fleek. And we've got the top five treats in the nation.

According to the Daily Meal, Kit-Kat bars get the number five spot. Then there's the Hershey's milk chocolate bar, Snickers, M&Ms, and the most popular candy in the nation -- the Reese's peanut butter cup!


Now, while some folks are skipping the Halloween festivities to avoid indulging in these tricky treats, believe it or not, there are other foods with way more sugar than the candy you're avoiding.

Yeah, dietary specialist Rachel Johnson of the American Heart Association reveals the top five foods with more hidden sugar than candy -- multi-grain cereals, barbecue sauce, smoothies, pasta sauces and fat-free dressings

Heart be still. Now that's scary!

What's even scarier? Most of these processed foods don't have the word sugar anywhere on the label. Instead, they slap chemical names like maltose, fructose and sucrose on products.

Seems like the trick isn't in the treat.

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