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Pot-Laced Brownies Served at Field Trip

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SIMSBURY, CT — A Connecticut high school field trip was delayed on Friday after school officials said students were allegedly distributing marijuana-laced brownies.

According to WFSB, officials said 11th grade English Language Arts students were taking a trip to Salem, Mass, and the brownies weren’t discovered until the bus crossed into Massachusetts.

“A couple of students decided to make some bad decisions on the bus and had some things they shouldn’t have had,” said high school senior Nick Sullivan.

The brownies were reportedly being distributed on the bus to a select group of students, who have since been identified.

“What kicked it off is that someone got sick and that’s sort of how it got discovered,” said high school senior Clay McMahon.

Simsbury police are investigating and parents of the students have been contacted.

School Superintendent Matt Curtis said the high school’s resource officer and a school administrator are assisting in the investigation as well.

“This incident is under investigation and I have no further information at this time,” Curtis said.

The field trip is an annual one that goes hand-in-hand with the reading of “The Crucible.”

Students said these actions reflect poorly on the town and the school district.

“Unfortunately, it reflects badly on the school, I don’t think it’s a reflection on the school as a whole,” Sullivan said. “It’s such a great trip, I had a really good time on it last year. It’s just those 10 kids who need to think about what they did.”

“Selfish, definitely to sort of risk everyone’s legal credibility just so you can have some fun,” McMahon said.

However, students also said they are not surprised.

“When you have a small town with a fairly wealthy community and especially teenagers that don’t have much to do, I can’t say anyone can really be surprised that there’s marijuana running rampant around here,” McMahon said.

Massachusetts police and Simsbury police are both investigating the potential criminal aspect, because while marijuana was decriminalized in Massachusetts in 2009, Simsbury police are looking into allegations that the brownies were being sold.

“The things that have happened in the last couple of months are making people think we’re not the Simsbury High School that we should be which we are. We are a great school, a great community,” Sullivan said.

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