Run Dirk, Run: Who wins between Nowitzki & Manning?

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DALLAS - There`s nothing like a good old fashioned foot race. That`s because there`s nothing quite like the feeling of being able to say those beautiful words “I’m faster than you.”

Some races are about pure speed, while others are more about endurance. Well we have one hypothetical race that seems to be all about pride.

It involves a 7 foot German by the name of Dirk Nowitzki and the NFL`s best pitchman also known as Peyton Manning.

And as is usually the case nowadays the idea for this fantasy race started on social media when Dirk posed this question: Who wins a 40 yard dash between me and Peyton Manning? Teammates quickly came to the rescue of each participant. Chandler parsons sided with Dirk and Peyton`s teammate Von Miller picked Peyton by 1 and half yards.

But we're not about mere speculation at NewsFix; we put the numbers to the test. Dirk has age on his side being two years younger, plus he's 7 inches taller which means he'd have a longer stride but according to data from SportVU his average speed last season was 3.7 miles per hour. Peyton's official 40 time was 4.8 seconds nearly two decades ago.

In the end we crunched all the numbers and concluded that the race would look something like two turtles creeping towards the finish line with Dirk winning by just a slight margin.

But hopefully these two speedsters can get together one day and finally put all the hypotheticals to rest.