Roll Bounce! Organization Brings Skateboarding to Kids with Autism

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DALLAS — Four wheels, one ramp and no rules. Skateboarding is a freeing sport that has the capacity to reach and teach. That's just what The A.skate Foundation sets out to do. It's an organization built around providing skateboard clinics to children with autism.

“[We’re] really giving them something to latch onto that’s a physical activity that doesn’t have a lot of rules associated with it,” said Curt Odom with the Dallas area A.skate Foundation.

The group held its open lesson at 4DWN, a local skate park and charity outreach.

“Our large mission is to help underserved youth through skateboarding and related arts,” said Mike Crum, the head of 4DWN. “This is really our kickoff. We partnered with A.skate, this amazing organization, and the turnout for this A.skate clinic is just amazing.”

It’s not just rolling around either. The lessons learned on the ramps can help these kids get through life.

“One thing about skateboarding that a lot of people don’t realize who aren’t in it, is that you fall down a lot, and you have a goal,” said Odom. “My goal is this trick, and you continue to fall and continue to fall and continue to learn from those falls. Then one day you nail that trick and that’s success, and you can translate that to life.”

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