Flooding Derails Train, I-45 Remains Closed in Corsicana

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CORSICANA, Texas -- It's been a wet and wild weekend for Navarro County. The National Weather Service reports folks there have been drenched with more than 20-inches of rain since Friday. And more rain is on the way. We're talking up to three additional inches.


As of Saturday, I-45 remains closed in Corsicana (Courtesy @jessattxdot)

More rain is the last thing they need. A Union Pacific train with dozens of cars carrying cement derailed in Corsicana, one of Navarro County's hardest-hit communities. Two workers on the train managed to stop it, climb out, then swim to high ground.

"They are in good condition, no injuries, just a little wet and shaken up," company spokesman Jeff DeGraff told CNN.

Thinking about driving to Houston? Think again! Flooding also shut down Interstate 45 between Dallas and H-Town. Traffic is backed up for miles, delays up to two hours as folks detour, searching for back routes.

"If you're not from here and you don't know some of the back roads, you're in trouble," one resident told NewsFix.

First-responders launched several swift water rescue missions to help people stranded in their vehicles, some of which video showed were all but undetectable under floodwater.

You can thank what's left of the now downgraded Hurricane Patricia for the super soaker storm.

Here's to hoping on Sunday, the only thing Mother Nature drenches North Texas with... is sunshine.