Actor Terry Crews & Wife Go on 90-Day Sex Fast

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NEW YORK -- We all know him as the "Old Spice Guy" and for being a pretty hilarious actor, but Terry Crews is serious when it comes to his marriage. So serious that in an effort to strengthen his union with his wife, they decided to abstain from sex for 90 days.

You heard right -- a sex fast.

Crews explained in a Huff Post interview how the lack of sex drew them closer in other ways.

"I found at the end of that 90 days, I was more in love, more turned on," Crews said. “I knew who she was. And it wasn't about. 'Let's go out 'cause I know I'm gonna get some sex later.' It's like, 'No, let's go because I want to talk to you.’ You're looking for someone to know you and love you at the same time. That's all you want.”

Hmm, maybe Ciara and Russell Wilson were on to something.

Now, all jokes aside, while the 90-day ‘crews’ may not be something everyone agrees with, or can do, all that truly matters is it worked for him and his wife.

And that's something you can't put a number on.

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