Your Chance to Win: How Would you Invest an Extra $100?

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DALLAS - What would you do with a crisp, new $100 bill in your wallet?

"I'd put it towards a grill so I can cook people great food," says one man we asked. Not a bad idea, especially for his friends!

Another idea? Why not invest it? It may not be sexy, but it's smart! And according to, there are plenty of  ways you can do this. But they say the best way to turn $100 into a whole lot more is to save it.

Which is why CW33 is hoping to start your morning off right -- by giving you a chance to have an extra $100 in your pocket!

Watch Eye Opener tomorrow morning beginning at 5:00 AM for your chance to win!

All you have to do is watch Eye Opener starting at 5:00 AM, find the keyword, then text it to 330033 or enter the keyword here on once the contest is live.

It’s quick cash from Eye Opener and CW33 and there will be two winners each weekday through Wednesday, October 28!