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Let’s Not Go All “Texas” About This

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OSLO, NORWAY--It's no secret: We Texans have our own language.

We fill our sentences with words and phrases that boggle the minds of people from other places. Some examples:

  • "Y'all"
  • "I'm fixing to!"
  • "Do what?"

Apparently, we've inspired the people of Norway. Their term for something that's "cray-cray" is "Texas!"

As in:

  • "The game was totally Texas."
  • Or a police chief describing traffic as "absolutely Texas."

Texas Monthly checked it out, and says it apparently started because of our state's image as "the wild west."

Hey! y'all wanna call *us* crazy? That's some bull---uh-- that's some Norway!

Y'all think that will catch on?

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