Runners Come Together In Honor Of David Stevens

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DALLAS - It was the brutal attack that left the running community in a state of shock.

"It hit home," Sarah McCready said.

"It just rocked the whole running community," Lynnlie Tuschoff said.

Exactly one week ago, 53-year-old David Stevens was killed during his early morning run along the White Rock Creek Trail.

Dallas cops say former Texas A&M football standout Thomas Johnson killed David with a machete.

Monday, the running community came together and ran in David's honor.

"It's family out here, whether or not we knew him or not.  It could happen to anyone of us.  We just feel for his family," McCready said.

"We're just sad that he was killed in such a tragic way," Jorge Name said.

"We just felt led to represent this man who was doing the thing that we all love to do.  It's our passion.  It's our hobby.  It's the way we release," Tuschoff said.

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