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The Three S’s That Can Help Prevent Cancer

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so Eye Opener's Neeha Curtis sat down and spoke with Tanis Taylor, a Mind-Body Therapist with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America about the 3 S's of Cancer: three tips to live a healthier life and hopefully keep cancer out of it.

The three S's are sweat, stress & sleep.

For sweat, you need to keep an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise and that can lead to a decreased risk of cancer. So get off the couch and get on that bike!

Stress is about limiting the stress in your life and dealing with it in the best way possible for you.  If you like Yoga, then do that. If you enjoy fishing, then that's the key for you.

And finally there's sleep.  Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night.  But that's not all, make sure you turn off your phone, tablet, computer and TV screens an hour before bedtime.  The light emitted from their screens keep Melatonin from being produced and will keep you from sleeping as well as you should.

Of course, there's no cure for cancer and no way to make sure it'll never happen to you, but the three S's are a good jumping-off point to keep yourself healthy.

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