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State Fair of Texas Vendors Rolling in the Dough

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DALLAS—Every year, thousands of head to the State fair of Texas.  One thing that reels ‘em in is the food.

“We can’t keep enough pumpkin, s’mores, and oreos, snickers cooked,” Tammy Stiffler, part owner at Stiffler Concessions said.

“The carrot cake! The holy moly carrot cake,” Kristi Harris told NewsFix. “It’s our tenth year anniversary, we decided to come to the fair and spend it,” her husband Rusty Harris said. “Left the kids at home with my mom, thanks mom! Thank you Sally! Love you!” they smiled.

It’s more than a pastime for some of these hard-workers.

“The people come in here and see me sitting here, they say, you still here? I said yeah, I’m still here,” Wanda Fern ‘Fernie’ Winter said.  She was instrumental in first bringing funnel cakes to the State Fair of Texas.  “She’ll be sitting right here next year too at 90 years young.  Mother and daddy started working out here just to make a little extra cash.  48 years later, 3 generations, that little part-time job has turned into a family legacy,” her daughter, Christi Erpillo said.

The sales has a number of vendors rollin’ in dough! And we ain’t talkin’ batter.

“We’re really blessed; we keep breaking records every year.  Last year, we were right under grossing half a million dollars and we’re probably right at that or a little over half a million this year,” Stiffler said.  “We open and close for 24 days straight; we’re working 16 hour days.  For other people that have come in, there is a long list.  We’ve had this location for 30 years, and finally got a second location 3 years ago.  It’s very hard to get a booth out here,  you have to have something different that nobody else has.”

“This year, TX-OU was our busiest day ever in 48 years.  If you get in the top 8, that is a big financial boost right then and there.  If you win the Big Tex Choice Awards, that’s easily anywhere from an extra $150,000 to $200,000 in your pocket gross. And we don’t know yet but we’re working our way up pretty high,” Erpillo said.

How sweet it is.

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