Simon Says: You Wish Your Kids Could ONLY See Playboy

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DALLAS -- It feels like the folks at Playboy are feeling the cold reality. And a chill always feels worse when you're not wearing any clothes.

No more nude women in here is a major change for the magazine -- a magazine many of you were surprised to hear was still around.

No more naked women in Playboy

No more naked women in Playboy

I know some of you think no nudity is like watching a movie without popcorn, or having coffee without cream or sugar -- something is missing.

But here's something that will make you feel a bit queasy: You've likely figured out Playboy's going through a "sex change" because it couldn't keep up with... sex!

We all know porn is a free point-and-click away, but think about who's watching it. A recent report from the London School of Economics says most kids eight and over have watched it, many times -- unintentionally!

Is it just me? A centerfold is a heck of a lot easier to explain to a kid than two people with fake names. It's this kind of thing perhaps Playboy may write about in an upcoming issue because it really will be for the articles.

But they may need that rabbit for good luck because headlines suggest we're not all reading like we used to, with men now doing it less than women.