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No Tips Please: Restaurant Chain Refuses Tips

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NEW YORK, NY – When it comes dining out, for the customer, the most important thing is the food. But for waiters, it's the tip. Well, one New York restaurant chain plans to eliminate tipping from its 13 restaurants.

The Union Square Hospitality Group, which has 1,800 employees and serves over 40,000 meals each week, is saying bye-bye to bonus bucks. Instead, its menu prices will include hospitality (higher prices) which will result in a base pay increase for waiters.

But it kind of makes you wonder how a waiter would feel if he or she knew after all their hard work, there will be no tip at the end.

"I think it could go one of two ways,” Jessie Herring said. Herring is a waitress at Pinstack. "You come in a good mood, you look pretty and you wanna make money. But if you have a set pay rate, I don't think you have that motivation to go above and beyond."

Hey, it seems the downside to no tipping is that waiters can kiss those generous, ginormous tips goodbye, like the church that gave the pizza delivery woman a $1,000 dollar tip.

But on the contrary, this means customers can no longer punish waiters by not giving what they truly deserve. Remember when NFL player LeSean McCoy left a 20-cent tip for a $61 bill?

Yeah, it seems there are some good and bad that can come along with the no tipping concept.

Guess these waiters will just have to live with the tip of a hat as a gesture for good service.

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