Foods That Help You Poop

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There's nothing fun about being constipated! It can be caused by a bunch of things like bad diet, bad exercise routine, and stress.

So, when you gotta go but you just can’t, what do you do? Huffington Post came up with a list of foods to help get things flowing.

First up, raspberries! They have tons of fiber. Eight grams per cup to be exact, so eat up!

You know that cup of joe you enjoy every morning? Well, it could be helping you poop and you didn’t even know it! Coffee works as a laxative for some people.

Did you know popcorn works too?! It's not only considered a healthy snack, it also helps you go! You’ll get about 1 gram of fiber for every cup, but to make the most of it skip the butter and keep it plain.

Another way to help keep your poop schedule on track: eat your spinach, kids! It’s what Popeye would do! Just one cup of the boiled leafy greens will get you 4 grams of fiber and more than 150 milligrams of magnesium—a mineral that has super laxative powers!

So, eat your raspberries, drink your coffee, pop your popcorn, and open a can of spinach. Your body will thank you!

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