Drinking Red Wine Benefits Diabetic Patients

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DALLAS -- Get ready to pop the cork! We've all known that drinking a glass of wine, or two, has certain health benefits. There's the anti-aging benefit, weight loss and not to mention preventing mental decline like Alzheimer’s.

But now diabetics can join in on the red wine buzz!

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine finds people with type-2 diabetes can help keep their levels in check with a little vino.

The study followed 224 diabetics who were not current winos and separated them into three groups: the mineral water drinkers, dry white wine drinkers and dry red wine drinkers. After two years, they found red wine drinkers increased their levels of good HDL cholesterol, in turn regulating blood sugar levels.

Hey, this is one medicine we won't have to force down the hatch.

But of course, like everything else, too much of a good thing could hurt you, so keep it to one glass a night.

Cheers to health and a good night's sleep!