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Disappointing Loss: How to Cope With Sports Sadness :-(

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ARLINGTON, TX — You probably woke up with one thought on your mind this morning: “Just catch the dang ball, Elvis!”

Yeah, yesterday’s devastating loss to the Blue Jays, thanks to a crazy seventh inning meltdown, sent the Rangers packing.

“I don’t think any of us anticipated showing up to the clubhouse and doing what we’re doing right now,” said Rangers catcher Chris Gimenez as he cleaned out his locker. “But unfortunately, it is what it is and we’ve got to deal with it.”

Hey, DFW fans are no strangers to sports sadness: The Mavs in '06, Game 6 of the 2011 World Series, Dez’s no catch.

Man, we could use a therapist! Well, that’s just who we went to talk to, to find out why sports can bring us so down!

“Sometimes, a connection to a sports team, it goes just the conventional ‘oh I like the game,'" said Rusty Lozano, a professional counselor in Addison. “But then there’s another mindset that there’s a sense of identity, there’s a sense of core values and core identity to a team.”

So, how do we get over the pain of seeing our local heroes turned to losers?

"One of the more important things is to practice being able to work outside of that identity that is more sports oriented,” said Lozano. “Use relaxation strategies. We teach people how to calm themselves down and use techniques to feel more relaxed and in control.”

You heard him, Rangers fans -- take a deep breath, count to 10, and then start counting the days ’til Spring Training.

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