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Cops: Drunk Man Claims Dog Was Driving Car

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Reliford Cooper III, blames dog for driving drunk

Reliford Cooper III, blames dog for driving drunk

MANATEE COUNTY, FL — Here’s another one to file under, “Florida folks do the dumbest things.” Yeah, we said it! This time, a Florida man busted for driving drunk claims his dog was driving the doggone car.

Cops in Manatee County say Reliford Cooper, aka our “Dumbass of the Day,” led officers on a high-speed chase, blowing through traffic lights before crashing into a ditch then slamming into a house.

He made a run for it. Officers eventually caught him hiding out in a church. Think that made him ‘fess up to his sins?


“I wasn’t driving that car. My dog was driving the car,” Cooper told cops, according to WFTS.

But then he gave officers this jewel, “Who was chasing me? You’re slow as f***.”

Hot dog!

Officers never found his “dog,” but they did find a nearly empty bottle of Hennessy on the front passenger side of the car and say he smelled like marijuana.

Cooper’s now sobering up in jail awaiting his November 6th court date.

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