Laura Bush Announces Program to Save Monarch Butterflies

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DALLAS -- We all know butterflies are beautiful. Even magical.

But Monarch butterflies aren't just our state insect; they play an important part in nature.

"These beautiful creatures ensure the reproduction of flowering plants and the pollination of crops," the former first lady said Tuesday.

Okay. That's pretty important for anyone who wants to eat.

"Sadly, monarch butterfly numbers have been decreasing for over a decade," Mrs. Bush added.

Yeah, they've decreased a whopping 80%!

But Texas is in a good spot to help, since millions of monarchs migrate through twice a year.

Laura Bush's organization, Texan by Nature, is joining forces with state and federal agencies to make our state a little more welcoming.

The Monarch Wrangler program calls on businesses, schools, and churches across the state to grow and maintain native plants, like milkweed.

Monarchs really like milkweed.

The First Lady and her husband are getting their hands dirty for this cause. "George wants our ranch to be a monarch butterfly sanctuary," she said.

Yep. They're planting native milkweed around the ranch.

Hey, it's a small price to pay to save the monarchs!


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